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What is HomePlug Technology 

HomePlug® technology (also known as Powerline or PLC) provides a very simple, secure and reliable way to eliminate WiFi blind spots in a home/office by transforming normal electric wiring into a network infrastructure and extends router's broadband network signals around home/office.
Why do I Need HomePlug Technology
HomePlug technology is the only technology which guarantees 100% WiFi coverage unlike normal WiFi extenders which require line of sight. By simply connecting one adapter to your router, you connect your router’s broadband Internet signal to every electrical outlet in the home/office. Plug in and connect as many additional adapters as you need to provide a reliable high-speed wired/wireless Internet connection to your game console, PC/Tablets, Smart TV/Phones, Internet radio, Streaming devices, security cameras etc, in effect turning your home into a SmartHome

Why is HomePlug Technology better than normal WiFi Extenders
Normal WiFi Extenders rely on Line of Sight (LOS) and are hence inherently unreliable as WiFi signals lose strength as they pass thru concrete/steel walls. More over, WiFi signals are interfered with by other home appliances eg Microwave Ovens and Cordless Phones, which operate in the same frequency as  WiFi signals. HomePlug Technology, on the other uses ordinary electrical wiring to transmit internet digital signals with no signal loss

Is HomePlug Network Secure

Absolutely. A simple press of a button on each adaptor creates a secure HomePlug network which cannot be accessed by an outsider. In addition, wireless adaptors have normal  password based security built in

Will "Noise" on electrical wires impact performance
No. HomePlug technologies and products are designed to filter out noisy signals and get data to your devices reliably, with no interference

HomePlug Technology 

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